Los Angeles Independet Footwear Studio

Welcome to Lasted Studio. Latsted studio offers a range of services and prodicts wihtin the foorwear production industry. We specialize in offering servies from bespoke reconstruction sneakers to having indepednt brands bring thoer own design to life and put in to production. Lasted studio also offers bespoke sneakers and classes for those who would like to enter the footear prodiution industry.

  • Bespoke / Reconstructions

    We offer the service to bring some of your existing models and recraft the through cut and sew, usuong genuine leatehrs in a variey of materials and colors.

  • Independent Footwear Production

    Our studio has the knowledge to help brands who want to make there own desigsn in to reality. We can provide you with an in studio experiance to create a sample and offer production options for anyone.

  • Footwear Courses

    Lasted studio offers courses to create your own designs or recreate your favorite models with a one on one approach.